Meditation for Suffering

IMG_3338There is a beautiful Tibetan meditation in which you draw in the suffering of others into your heart, let it be  cleared by compassion and set it free.  As that exercise can be energetically risky, I recommend starting with your own suffering and your attachment to others.  This is a great way to heal your mind and body, heal your relationships and keep healthy energetic boundaries.

First make yourself comfortable to be in the same position for a little while.  This is a good time to note that if you fall asleep in meditation, great!  It means you needed a nap more.  As you practice (as with anything) you build up stamina so love yourself through the process.)  Start to slow your breath.  Listen to and feel your own heart beat.  Connect your heart with the earth through your sit bones and with the heavens through your crown.  Let the energy flow from root to head enlivening the heart and feeling the waves of love, support and peace.  Use this support from Divine to access thoughts, feelings and emotions in your body.  Intend to draw any pain from your limbs, organs, etc. into your heart (you may need to do this one body part at a time depending on how overwhelming drawing it into your heart feels).  When in your heart space hold it there.  Let Divine grace and your breath wash over these feelings with a deep heartfelt compassion until they feel light enough that they dissolve.  Then draw in more… anything in your bones, soft tissue, etc.  Keep in mind that your body holds onto memories and experiences that may not even be from this lifetime. When your body feels clear (and it may take a few meditations for just one particularly painful part) then start to work on your energetic body.  Draw into your heart any stuck layers of your aura, any rips and holes in your energetic field.  Let them bathe in the light of compassion until you feel and ahhhhhh……. like the end of a satiating breath.  When these clear, notice any energetic cords that may be attached from people that have been in your life.  Cords serve a purpose but when you truly love someone you set them free even energetically.  So positive or negative in feeling see if you can draw into your heart any unfinished karma with each being.  Let the light of Love transmute any holding to freedom.  Bathe in that for a while.  Notice how you feel when you love yourself, ALL of yourself.  Notice how you feel when you have compassion for others… so much compassion that you set them free with your BEing in the light of your own love.



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