Accessing Body Memory

IMG_0165Your body remembers everything you’ve ever done in this lifetime, past lifetimes and in quantum terms where you are going.  Accessing those memories is an opportunity to deepen healing and transformation.  Memories of joy have a flowing and wavelength quality to them.  They feel expansive, free and connect you to all the love that is.  Memories of trauma and pain feel stuck, they may feel achy, like a knot or hole, etc.  Accessing your body memory is a chance to delve deep and bring understanding into the areas in you that are stuck and release the emotional trauma associated with it to raise the vibration to one of love.  This is not easy work I forewarn you.  You, as in all detoxifying processes, are bringing up everything you subconsciously never wanted to deal with so be gentle, go slow and love the process.

Memories of this life you most likely remember, but may not as the brain during trauma kicks into memory lapses when situations become too intense.  I prefer to do this work myself and when a layer has opened will have a friend help me to access the deeper parts.

Begin by setting up your space as if going into a supine mediation: calm and clear atmosphere, no interruptions, and a willingness to transform.  With your body comfortable, breathe deeply.  Loooooong and sloooooow….  Listen to your own heart rhythm…. Just be there….  In the space of nurturance scan your body from head to toe.  Deep into your bodes and organs and shallow on your skin.  Notice any areas of stuckness, darkness, cringing, areas you want to protect.  Breathe into them and one by one place your hands or intention on that area.  Let that intention be a warm and nurturing listening.  Listen to what feelings and images may be associated with that area.  Offer it your attention.  Breathe….  Ask yourself what you need to relax the area and feel more loved.  In your minds eye say: “I love you” to this area, “I acknowledge your pain”, “I forgive you”, “I love you”….  Let your body relax into the space of self nurturance knowing that the deepest forgiveness you will ever need is forgiveness from yourself and the brightest love you can access is the love you allow from your own heart.  This may be a long process.  Some areas have levels upon levels of pain that may go deeper than you were ready to access.  What is revealed through this process is only what you can handle in the moment. The same area may take a couple of times to release, may take help or may take you on a journey to other places in your body that need attention.  As you work with the memories treat your body with loving kindness.  Give it the foods it needs and take time to integrate whats been revealed.  When working with someone else through this process have them hold the parts of your body that you indicate via your intuition.  Vocalize what you feel and see.  This alone is so profound.   Letting someone into your space during the healing process and speaking your truths from a state of vulnerability will bring up new experiences in places you may have already worked with on your own.  You are opening up to do inner child work, release your deepest fears, and cut cords that may be connected to others and experiences that were not part of this lifetime.  Again, GO SLOW.

Accessing past lives may happen when there are aches and pains, limited movement and the like that are unexplainable in this lifetime.  Remembering past lives is opening up a whole new paradigm and will need to be proceeded into even more slowly than healing this life’s trauma.  I can honestly tell you that my first past life memory came in a dream, was incredibly traumatic and was very confusing to a 12 year old Christian girl who was told that past lives don’t exist.  Forgiveness is key because walking around with guilt of what you may have done and anger toward other souls that had harmed you may lead to more stress in this life than you’re ready to deal with.  But sometimes you’re angels decide you are ready and throw you in full throttle.

The techniques are the same as above.  What’s revealed first from past life is usually your death and events leading to as that’s usually the most profound moment of that life.  Scorpionic of me perhaps but a new sense of appreciation for the cathartic process of death came through remembering mine.

Whatever story is revealed to you remember it is just that!  Although it is woven into the fabric of your being it is only revealing itself to you to transform it, to love it, to forgive and expand into the blissful and limitless Being that you are.  So listen to the story offering it your attention and love but don’t get attached.  Having said that, the freedom you can allow yourself from unwinding stagnancy is worth it all.  Compassion arises for the experiences life brings as it’s all a lesson to show you the way home.


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