Poisonous Medicine & The Web of Life

IMG_5041Some journeys are so sacred there are few words to share.  This is one of them.  Five days ago I was bitten by black widow spider.  Though rarely fatal it’s poisonous medicine initiated a profound journey through death and transformation as I communed with the fragile web of life.

Each journey into ourselves is so sacred and personal but what I am guided to share is a reverence to women:

As women we are the creators and destroyers of life and illusion.   We’re here to stand strong and support each other creating loving communities of way-pavers for each to blossom in the compassionate nurturance.  Our time, bodies, energy, attention and intention are SACRED and only to be shared openly with those who respect it.  Do not underestimate the fragility of the mind/body and the souls ability to heal and connect when all else fails.

The miracle of life and the transformation of death is all too beautiful for words and I am so grateful and honored for this ever changing present moment.


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