IMG_4249A friend brought up some interesting questions about trust.  This is what my Angels/Heart had to say:

How does trust start?

With a willingness to be vulnerable.  We share our knowledge, wounds, secrets and souls with the hope that this will be honored as sacred.  Our level of trust is intertwined with our confidence and willingness to be honest with what we fear (exposure, ruin, devaluation, etc.)

How do you know you can trust someone until you’re tried it?

What you’re testing with trust in relationships is how loved/sacred you are to that person.  Trust has less to do with the them and more to do with our relationship with our fears.  A person may hold things sacred for another with varying levels throughout a relationship (new friend, intimacy, break up, life partner, etc).  To trust you have to be willing to share and let go of expectations.

I invest less due to past mistrust…

With broken trust what we face is not feeling valued and appreciated.  This has much to do with our own self love.  We’re afraid of not being seen in the purity of our intention and the light of who we are.  We sabotage our radiance by our hesitancy to shine.  Judas’ foretold betrayal did not inhibit Jesus from loving and giving fully in his vulnerable moments.  By doing so his grace and presence live on today.  Trust isn’t about having what you share honored… It’s about expanding into love even when the outcome is unknown.



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